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KARE Betta Fish Gold Deco Figurine

Deco Figurine Betta Fish Gold Please click here for Kare website link    A flamboyant decorative figure: the crowntail fish

KARE Deco Object Betta Fish Gold Small

  • Decorative object in the form of a Siamese fighting fish.
  • Handmade, each piece is unique.
  • Made of easy-care synthetic resin.
  • The majestic fighting fish floats through the water or rather the living room.
  • Glamorous gold and a touch of exoticism are a good mixture if you want to give the room a special touch.
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KARE Stool Cherry Mauve Brass

Stool Cherry Mauve Brass Ø35cm   Please click here for Kare website link       Stool: this stool is