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      Frame Picture Flower 30x3x40cm

      Frame Picture Flower 30x3x40cm Dimensions: 30x3x40cm Color: Pink-Purple, Natural-Beige  
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      Flower Violet Lilac

      Fabric, polyethylene and iron wire H-73cm.
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      Flowers Cosmos Pink-Purple

      Fabric, plastic, wire assorted pink and purple H-47cm.
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      Flower Daisy White

      Fabric, plastic, wire H-65cm.
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      KARE Deco Plant Leaf Tree

      Material: polyethylene leafs, branches and pot, polyurethane, : concrete
      Measures (H/W/D): 170 x 40 x 20 centimeters
      Weight: 6.8 kg
      Product number: 60717
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      KARE Deco Plant Banana Tree

      • Extra-large, artificial banana plant in lifelike reproduction.
      • A must-have for the urban jungle and exotic look.
      • Stable thanks to the sturdy concrete base.
      • Simply put it in a pot and you're done! The easy-care variant of the houseplant: is happy with an occasional dusting - otherwise undemanding.
      • Combine different high and wide variants and mix different leaf shapes.
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      KARE Deco Plant Paradise Flowers

      Decorative plants need neither water nor light and no special care - yet they have almost the same invigorating effect as their living role models. The large paradise flower provides casual exotic, boho and jungle flair!
      • Spreads the holiday mood in the twinkling of an eye: a handcrafted decorative plant in the shape of a flower of paradise with a stable cement base
      • Decorative artificial plant with flowers for the urban jungle look. Man-sized and handmade!
      • For those who love indoor plants and don't have green fingers, realistic looking artificial plants are the right choice
      • Artificial plants have almost as positive an effect on the soul as their living role models
      • Tip: mix decorative plants of different sizes in a group, bringing together different leaf shapes
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      KARE Deco Plant Monstera 110cm

      Material: Ethylene vinyl acetate, Polyethylene, Hand-crafted, Assembled Measures (H/W/D): 110 x 50 x 40 centimeters
      Weight: 5.25 kg Product number: 51683
      • For more information see the description below ↓
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      Flower Decoration – blue

      Flower decoration available in pink and blue color. Dimensions: 55 x 65 cm
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