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Marmol Coffee Table W-Bottle Holder

Marmol Coffee Table W-Bottle Holder Marmol Coffee Table W-Bottle Holder 12P – Now you can have it both. A lovely
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Wooden Wine Cabinet Edgar

Wooden Wine Cabinet Edgar Fir wood top and bottle compartment 2 MDF drawers with fir wood front Grey powder coated

Dutchbone Cabinet Mil

Green marble top and shelves Powder coated iron frame with rubber caps Brown buffalo leather straps for 9 bottles Maximum

Cabinet Claude

Solid fir wood cabinetThree row plywood racks to store wine glassesPlywood compartment for 28 bottlesMaximum weight load: 50 kgDimensions: 43,5×31,5×118,5

Dutchbone Cabinet Vino

Dutchbone Cabinet vino Stoved iron body and legs with mesh iron back panel Four row rack to store your wine